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Renaissance of the Home Movie Theatre

Your cinema experience redefined at home.

Renaissance of the Home Movie Theatre

We watched movie theatres all over our country close due to COVID-19, many of those venues will never re-open for various economic reasons.  With those closings, we’ve also seen the comeback of the Drive-In, a cultural relic of the 20th century. There were over 300 drive-in theaters throughout the US as of October 2019 and those that are able to reopen have social distancing restrictions in place.  This is a great way to get out of the house and see some entertainment.  A more modern resurgence has been the Home Movie Theatre Room.  With streaming of all things digital, many technologies have innovated to support interactive viewing.  Who doesn’t relish a night in pajamas, popcorn, pizza, etc. on a comfortable sofa or reclining chair under your favorite blanket??  AND you get to hit pause for bathroom breaks!  Let Epic Smart Home, serving California, Nevada, Texas, and Hawaii, help you create or renovate your dream Home Movie Theatre!