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What makes a great TV?

The importance of quality lighting and sound.

What makes a great TV?

The temperatures are cooling and fall is coming.  The summer backyard renovations are almost complete, or are you looking for a way to add something new to your space? Today’s homeowner is embracing the outdoor living space trend, and an all-weather outdoor TV is the missing link in turning your outdoor space into the one that brings everyone together.  There are some important factors to consider when looking for your outdoor TV.

1. Location: The best TV placement in your outdoor spaces should consider different light exposures as area lighting will determine which kind of TV you will best enjoy..

2. Size: Determine the optimal TV size for your outdoor space.  The average distance viewers will be located from the TV will determine which size you should get.

3. Sound: Ensure optimal cinematic experience by including a premium sound bar.

4. Accessories: Decide how to install your TV by exploring wall and ceiling mounts.

5. Connectivity: Need power!  Make sure you have power outlets, a cable connection or internet connection.  Make sure a router is in range if you go wireless.

Séura Outdoor TVs offer superior picture and sound quality in extreme outdoor conditions such as moisture and dust. Capable of handling  operating temperatures ranging -24°F to 140°F and a 2-year warranty, Séura Outdoor TVs are complete with impressive audio, lighting, and controls.  Séura designed the full line of Outdoor Soundbars with up to three times the power of the competition’s TV-powered speakers. For a premium sound experience, upgrade to the 60W RMS 2-Channel Bluetooth® Enabled Soundbar.  Séura’s Ultra Bright and Shade Series™ make all your outdoor spaces even more entertaining turning it into your neighborhood’s hottest hangout.

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