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At Epic we understand HOME. A home in the deepest is, the people you love and their safety.
Before the Holiday, Epic and I ventured to Southern California to work on a few projects near the coast. This was especially exciting to me, because it’s my hometown. Traveling above the Tahoe mountains and down to the sandy beaches of Malibu. From up above or in the midst of the cities down below the world seems so grand. That is, until tragedy hits.
I grew up hiking those hills, lying on those beaches, and line-dancing in that bar. I watched friends and loved ones deploy in engines to help fight fires. I drove the streets filled with mourning mothers and fathers after the shooting. I sat and waited to hear our evacuation notice for the fires.
As the recent events throughout the states have brought turmoil to the environments we call home, it makes one realize how small, connected, and relevant we all are to each other. In a time that feels so unique it’s incredible to know you are NOT alone.
Epic took the Holiday weekend to explore the deep definition of home. We took time for those we are closest to, opened our Thanksgiving tables to those affected by fires, and shut down from the hustle and bustle of events around us. We hope you, our valued clients, and friends were able to do the same! We are extra thankful for the time of rest, reflection and are fully reenergized to serve our communities.
We understand the physical and tangible definition of a home can be just as important as it’s roots. In the coming stages of transition and change, Epic is here to guide you back home.

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